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SYSPRO e.net Solutions

SYSPRO e.net Solutions enables you to extend beyond your enterprise using SYSPRO’s open interface. It encourages integration with best of- breed third-party products while facilitating collaboration with business partners – the essential links in your supply chain.

SYSPRO e.net Solutions provides:

  • A simplified development environment in which developers can customize SYSPRO’s business functionality to suit end-user requirements
  • An infrastructure that helps users integrate third-party applications to SYSPRO
  • Direct access to SYSPRO data using external devices

SYSPRO Workflow Services

SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) aims to provide users with an easier way to orchestrate or describe complex processing of data in a visual form, much like flowcharts but without the need to understand computers or programming.

SWS provides increased business process visibility, system integration, real-time visual monitoring and the ability to improve your processes continuously. It empowers lower level managers’ decision making capabilities without sacrificing control and ensures segregation of duties among role players. It enforces compliance to rules, policies, procedures and legislation.

SYSPRO Power Tailoring

SYSPRO Power Tailoring refers to changing SYSPRO to match your requirements. It can be as simple as rearranging fields on a form or creating a favorites menu, to building complete applications to automate business processes whilst applying company rules. Customization in SYSPRO comprises a number of facilities and features which enable you to personalize, tailor and configure the system to better suit group or individual user requirements, and to streamline business processes.